Withington history

Oral history

This collection of memoirs is the result of Withington Civic Society's Oral History Project, which aims to create an archive of memories of Withington from those who recall Withington in past times. Many of the contributors have a real affection for Withington as it was: an affection which comes over well in these articles. The memories of Withington during WWII are particularly poignant.
We also include a collection of memoirs,   Bygone Withington, from an Oral History project in the 1970s, covering memories from WWI onwards.
Many thanks to the interviewers and to all contributors.

Memories of Withington
"Your memories are our history"

    • Alma Matthews lived near Cotton Lane (in Harcombe Road) and recalls her early memories during WWII.
    • Beryl Kennedy remembers Withington during WWII, especially recalling the Manchester blitz in 1940.
    • Coralie Adamson recalls post-war Withington, including early days of the Civic Society. Coralie was a founder member, and Life Member, of Withington Civic Society. She also founded the Civic Society's newsletter, News and Views, and edited it for 23 years. Sadly, Coralie died a few months after this interview.
    • Joan Rowland has written a memoir of Withington from WWI through to the 1950s, with memories of her family through this period, of Withington Village and of wartime events.
    • Kathleen McKenna remembers Withington during WWII, when she served in the Land Army and was injured in a farm accident. She recalls Withington from these days onwards.
    • Kenneth Whittaker recalls his time in Methodism in Withington, from the 1930s onwards.
    • Richard Griffiths recalls Withington from the 1970s onwards in this magazine article.
    • An interviewee, who wishes to remain anonymous, has contributed this account of Withington from his early childhood days during WWII, when he remembers bombing in Withington. He recalls life in Withington from the war onwards.

Bygone Withington: A collection of memoirs

To celebrate Withington Library's Golden Jubilee in 1977, the City of Manchester Cultural Services, under the leadership of Brian Stevenson, published Bygone Withington: Essays by local residents, recalling Withington during WWI, the inter-war period and WWII. 

If you have memories of Withingon that you would like to contribute, please contact the Civic Society .