Withington history
Withington Hall
Withington Hall was on the south side of Cotton Lane towards its west end. The gardens were extensive and included the Schill Rock Garden. The Hall has been demolished, and only overgrown fragments of the garden remain (April 2012) and are threatened by the Christie/MCRC developments on the site. They have now (2019) been destroyed by the new developments.

Below are some documents recording the Schill Rock Garden, its history, plans, an article in the Alpine Plant Society Bulletin (1941-2) and proposals for restoration.
Here are some pictures of the state of the Rock Garden in March 2012. Click on images for larger views.


Part of the Schill Rock Garden.


Another view of the rocks. The stone is a
local red sandstone.

Schill Rock Garden, Withington Hall

More of the Rock Garden. Nearly 750 tons
of stone were used in the creation of the

Schill Rock Garden, Withington

A dwarf pine - perhaps the only "rock garden
plant" remaining on the site at the time.